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Resident Evil Seamless HD Project was brought to you by...

MoArtis MoArtis
Kayael Kayael
Doze_D Doze_D
FrankWesker FrankWesker

Extra hands

Bserv RE1: User interface, Character selection screen, lab slides and more
Xuru RE1: File backgrounds, Item model textures, map models and more
Leigi RE1: Reworked item icons and additional help
Saeed RE2: Quality Assurance

A special thanks to these incredible folks:
Gemini for Classic Rebirth and his help with the data structures.
Welsh for providing source textures.
pmandin for the documentation on the different formats.
TeamX for their PC HD mods and releasing their tools.
Darren for sharing his knowledge about FMV upscaling.