Time to re-experience this classic survival-horror game with Machine Learning upscaled backgrounds,
seamless masks and many other small improvements in this all-in-one texture pack.
Please note that RESHDP is a free fan project.
Please check the FAQ before playing.


1.0 Pack for Classic Rebirth

Installation guide

How the backgrounds look like?

What changes does this pack include?

RE1SHDP Bgs and Masks
Upscaled backgrounds with vectorized masks
RE1SHDP Bg Texts
Restored integrated images and texts
RE1SHDP 3d Model textures
Upscaled 3D model textures
RE1SHDP Computer
Manually edited in-game screens
RE1SHDP visual effects
Improved visual effects
RE1SHDP inventory and portraits
Upscaled menu elements and HQ portraits.


Our RE1 pack directly includes upscaled FMVs. No need to install an additional pack this time.

On top of the regular videos, It features an optional Capcom logo, an alternative version of Jill’s shark tank video and a fully redone credits sequence.

Video showcase

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the pack?
Instructions are provided in the description of the ModDB files. The Mediakite version is mandatory for the Classic Rebirth patche. More info can be found here: Classic Rebirth.

Why is it so complicated to install the PC pack?
It involves two other parties who worked hard to make the PC version playable on recent OS and get HD textures working. We can’t include everything in a pre-package because it wouldn’t be fair for the original creators. When the PC versions will be truly natively compatible, it will be easier.

How can I contact you?
You can chat with us on Discord or write us an issue on Github . If you are part of the Dolphin community, you can check out our dedicated forum thread . We also have a Team page with even more ways to contact us.

What’s the big deal with “seamless masks”?

The RESHDP texture pack solves the seam issue that always comes up when any kind of filtering or upscaling is applied to the game’s mask textures.

Filtering applied on the mask texture
Filtering applied on the mask texture
Basic solution: Skipping the mask textures
Basic solution: Skipping the mask textures
The RESHDP solution
The RESHDP solution

Our solution was to create a tool that analyzes the game data to regenerate completely new mask textures from the upscaled background textures. The original mask textures are not used or processed in any way.

Is it perfect?

No. And we would like to give you more details about the most obvious issues.

image-left Neural networks upscaling is not magic. The algorithm has an especially hard time with dark areas and RE games are clearly not games with the brightest and the most colorful backgrounds. Expect to see a lot of “melting” artefacts on dark corners and distant parts of the backgrounds.
Small texts will also end up being processed as melting garbage. We replaced them when the result was too distracting.

image-right Many original mask textures don’t line up perfectly with their respective background texture. Thus some pixels which are not part of the foreground appear on top of the 3D models.
These issues are barely noticeable at such low resolution and on a CRT (And the game was intended to be displayed on a CRT like any game of that era).
But these issues can be very distracting at an high resolution and on a flatscreen. We touched up the worst offenders but thousands of man-hours is required to clean up everything.

image-left The full process to create this pack is quite complex and involve multiple tools through multiple steps: Game data analysis, PC to GameCube texture matching, analysis of mask special cases, mask alpha layers vectorization, texture upscaling, texture recreation… Bugs are to be expected with such process. So even if we carefully tested the pack during development, you will certainly encounter small unexpected issues.

That being said, if you encounter such issues, have any problem with the pack or notice a big imperfection, don’t hesitate to report it on Github Issues .

Your feedbacks will help us to improve the quality of the pack.